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CarinaThe love for the Everyday Minerals "Girl Friday" blush from our June Beauty Box has been overwhelming!  I’ve been reading all of the great reviews, blogs and posts and I’m so happy to hear how much all of you have enjoyed this lovely sample!!! Marett Hanes from Victoria, Texas loved it so much she even used it in her bridal pictures!  In return for all this wonderful feedback, I wanted to share the love. Check out my interview with Everyday Minerals founder Carina Menzies as well as some of the great feedback from you, the subscribers that make our Beauty Box 5 world go round!

My interview w/ Carina:

BB5: I’ve been reading about EM’s Wilderness Preservation Program on your website.  As a native Austinite, I greatly appreciate your efforts to keep our Hill Country healthy.  Can you tell our subscribers a little bit about the program and how they can help out?
Carina: Yes! At EM, we are dedicated to the protection and preservation of our world, which is where our Wilderness Preservation Project comes into play. We’ve embarked on a mission to ensure that our environment – and all of its creatures large and small – flourishes for generations to come. In addition to our acquisition of untouched Hill Country land, we are actively promoting the importance of environmental research, conservation and education. 10% of all Everyday Minerals sales go towards the acquisition and conservation of Austin Hill Country for Wilderness Preservation. To date, Everyday Minerals has rescued 28 acres of land, with an ultimate goal of rescuing 1,000 acres under Wilderness Protection by 2015. Plus, we greatly encourage interaction with this program, and love it when others share with us a little bit about their group and mission to do the same. This leads to widespread education, and allows us to support their efforts to live with the land and support local animal habitats!

BB5: With all of the mineral-based cosmetics popping up on the market, what separates EM from the rest?
Carina: It wasn’t enough for me to create a line of 100% natural and vegan products, I wanted to make it fun. You may notice that many of the other mineral-based cosmetic companies on the market can be quite costly… it was hugely important for me to create a premium product at an affordable price. This way, women are allowed to sample and try new shades - have fun with makeup! We also encourage customer interaction and love feedback… we’ve even created several products based on customer request. Not to mention our Try Me Kits, which are 7 customizable samples, are free at any time!

BB5: You offer custom kits of full-size products on the EM website at a great discounted price.  What three products would you recommend to a first-time EM user?
Carina: That’s easy… I would suggest one of our many shades of Jojoba Base, it’s a satin finish with full coverage for all skin types. From there, one of our best selling cheek and eye colors such as Pink Ribbon Blush (a soft lavender pink) and Juniper Eye Shadow (a dreamy, silver sparkly brown shade with a coppery sheen).

BB5: What are the 3 EM products you can’t live without and why?
1. Everyday Bronzer - this miracle product is the perfect bronzer that’s delicate enough yet still offers a great sunkissed, warm glow.
2. Mint Color Corrector - this is such a high-tech wonder! The mint color neutralizes red, blemishes, broken capillaries, and ruddiness vanish behind this potent mineral formulation.
3. Little Black Dress Eyeliner - such a staple! A sparkly black eyeliner that doubles as an eye shadow is perfect for nights out.

BB5: EM’s “Girl Friday” blush was in our JuneBeauty Box 5.  What tips and/or tricks can you share with our subscribers as they start using this beautiful new blush?
Carina: This soft berry plum shade works well on so many skin tones. It’s a matte shade, so you don’t need to worry about sparkle. A little goes a long way, start with just a sprinkle on your makeup brush and apply using light, circular motions to the apples of your cheeks. You can layer on color as you go!

Some great (and fun) reviews of our June BB5 & EM’s “Girl Friday:”

grave3yardgirl: I LOVE HER!!  It’s obvious that she’s a total product junkie (yay!), she really knows her stuff, she has a great sense of humor and she’s totally fun to watch!  Check out her YouTube channel and her unboxing of the June Beauty Box 5 ASAP! Jacinta’s blog is dedicated to everything beauty box.  I can honestly not tell you how many services she’s subscribed to but her reviews are fun to read and full of great info!  You’ll definitely want to take a look at her review of our June BB5 and our “Girl Friday!”

I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about Everyday Minerals!  Make sure to check out the other great products from their line!  July is concealer month and EM has a ton of amazing specials going on all month! :)

If you aren’t already a subscriber, you’ve got until July 15th to become a BB5 Beauty and still receive July’s box!

As always, message me with your questions, comments, tips and tricks!

Peace, Love & Samples,