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Don’t forget a lip brush for precise application! 

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When it comes to eyes, there really are a TON of brush options…and while I don’t use each of these every day, they all have their place when it comes down to the details.

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I am a firm believer that makeup is only as good as the tools you apply it with.  Take applying foundation for example; I like to compare this to painting your house.  Would you use a sponge?  How about your fingers?  No?  A brush applies product more evenly (than sponges or fingers) and ultimately wastes much less of that awesome (a possibly expensive) foundation you just bought. (Sponges tend to absorb most of your product whereas fingers tend to let most of your foundation rinse down the drain.)  So…what tools do you actually need for that flawless face?  Here’s a list of the ones I can’t live without. 

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